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Everyone involved in Region 4  and other regions work restlessly to create a better state but the 3 listed below, Dr. Chris Eberlein, Bill Klemp and Greg Breen, are your team leaders for South Western Wisconsin's HERC.


Executive Board


James C. Newlun


Vice Chair:

Dan Henderson


Tom Tornstrom



Megan Arnold

Medical Advisor:

Christopher M Eberlein

Paul Albrecht

RTAC Coordinator:

Greg Breen


Jack Workman

Bob Ritger

Tiffany Giesler

HCC Regional Coordinator:

Loren Klemp

Bill Klemp

Bill Klemp served in the military for over 36 years with 20+ of it in the medical arena developing plans for response and preparedness for emergencies, disasters and in times of war. Bill served in many roles including Senior Medical Planner of all military operations in Afghanistan, Global Patient Movement, Officer for US Transportation Command, one of the Project Officr's for Dod's new infectious disease transport module and senior medical evaluator for all US Army medicaal units supporting civil Authorities in a disaster response. 

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Greg Breen

Greg Breen has been involved in emergency medical services (EMS) since 1978, including as
a paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department. He retired from the La Crosse Fire Department and has worked with the Southwest Regional Trauma Advisory Council since 2006.

He has served as a member of the board for Wisconsin EMS for Children. 

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Chris Eberlein, M.D.

        Dr. Chris Eberlein is a practicing, board-certified emergency medicine physician at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He serves as the medical director of Tri-State Ambulance and Tri-State Regional Ambulance services, and numerous 1st responder agencies. Improvement and standardization of pre-hospital care as an extensionof the hospital and emergency department are subjects of particular interest to Dr. Eberlein. 

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